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Interactive Pricing Tool

It’s super easy to use and you can quickly calculate what you should charge for your services. The tool includes 4 tabs:
1. Interactive Pricing Tool
This is where you can work out the prices you should be charging for a product, service or decorating job. You will need to input materials, quantities and costs and then a total cost will be calculated for you. Adding in labour and other expenses, you can accurately come up with a direct cost for your job. From this figure, the tool then works out a selling price for you based on your desired level of profit and assumed overheads.
2. Manual Pricing Tool
This is a printout version of the interactive pricing tool so that you can write in details and work costs out yourself. A bit more difficult :)
3. Formula for Manual Pricing
This is a little guide on how to work out costs and selling prices. The numbers correspond to the boxes on the Manual Pricing Tool.
4. Helium Calculation Sheet
This sheet is to work out your helium costs. All you need to do here is enter in what you have paid for your cylinder and the rental charges (if applicable), and the sheet will do the rest of the work for you. You can then transfer these costs into the Interactive Pricing Tool or Manual Pricing Tool.
Click here for a Qualatex Helium Chart listing gas capacities for helium cylinders and balloons! You can also find this information on the back page of the Qualatex catalogue.

As Bubbles balloons are stretchy, their gas capacity can change depending on how much you inflate them. For a T-size cylinder (3.6m3) you can get between 90 – 130 22” bubbles and 85 – 105 24” bubbles. The gas capacity can also change depending on what you put in the balloons.

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