Helium Cylinders & Extensions

***Please note, due to BOC restrictions, you will only be able to collect a new cylinder if you are returning an empty cylinder at the same time – full for empty. We are still only able to supply current helium customers with helium cylinders. If you have not ordered helium from us before, unfortunately we will not be able to supply you at this time. (Last updated: 4th March 2022)***

Hire helium cylinders are for when you need to fill larger numbers of balloons or inflate balloons on a regular basis.
BOC can deliver and collect the cylinders to and from your business address or you can collect and return the cylinders to your local gas agent. Prices include FREE hire of an inflator nozzle as well FREE hire for the first 8 weeks!


Please note that the L and E33 size cylinders are very large (around 5ft) and very heavy (around 13 stone!) so can be very difficult to move.

*Discount codes cannot be applied when ordering hire helium cylinders & extensions.


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